The most common sentence I hear these days is “Holy S**T, you lost alot of weight”. It’s not something new, it didn’t happen quickly and it wasn’t intentional.

Comments varying from “how have you done it?” to “you’re looking fantastic”, to of course “what’s your secret” and the sadder one “are you well?”.

I know I’ve lost a lot, (for those playing at home, around 15 kg since mid September last year.) but weight loss was not my ultimate goal. I’ve been in pain, A LOT of pain, in my hips in particular, my back regularly and my fingers and toes.

So being the Nutritionist I am, and a firm believer in food is medicine, I went looking, after a myriad of tests with the Dr, for a food related answer. I was tested for arthritis, x-rayed and scanned for abnormalities in my hips and back. All came back all clear, which yes is good, but when the Dr says she doesn’t know what could be causing my pain, it was time to take matters into my own hands.

I did a lot of research, consulted a couple of friends in the know (trained professionals, not lay people!) and decided an elimination protocol was the only way to tackle it. It was worth a shot, I had nothing to loose.

Apparently I did, a lot of weight, but thankfully, the pain started to go as well.
So not sharing the whole kit and caboodle about how I did it, but rather the why behind it was more important. No, I don’t share with my clients, I refuse to. This was a hard slog, still is. The weight loss was a side effect, not the goal.

I still experiences pain, some days a lot of it. I know its what I’ve eaten the day before, sometimes its due to laying down all night and the inflammation has a chance to regroup and flair up. There’s no fool proof plan, no one size fits all solution to my pain and keeping it at bay is my primary goal.

Many people often ask why don’t I share how I lost so much weight, but to be honest, as someone who believes numbers on scales are irrelevant to living life (that’s a whole other post, one day!), I don’t want to be seen as sick or some kind of weight loss guru. I tell people the truth, I’m working on eliminating pain, the weight loss was aside effect.

Its been hard work, its been restrictive, its been difficult. I’m cooking two meals, every meal time, I have to shop differently, I have to be more organised, I have to eat the same things repeatedly as there’s no one else to share the leftovers with.

Has it been worth it, some days yes, but others, not so much. Sharing toasted marshmallows with my family see’s me asleep an hour later and in pain the next day makes my life a bit more restrictive than I’d like, but I still want to be part of the food fun, I’m the one who suffers my actions. My kids get why I don’t eat the same as them, it hasn’t affected them or mu husband.
Our lives still revolve around enjoying food together, and as I reintroduce things, we can share more.

Weight stigma is so alive and well and people think it only effects certain sizes, but it affects all of us, my weight is my business, yes its a shock to some when they’ve not seen me for a while, but it is what it is.
I am healthy, I am reducing my pain, I am the same size I was in high school, but no, apart from eating a lot of vegetables and meat for every meal, that’s all you’ll get about my “weight-loss secret”.

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