Friday night is always the same here, it’s pizza night. It has got to be the simplest and quickest fake-away to make at home.
I make it simple and top it with loads of delicious things once it cooks. When I simple, I mean it! A homemade tomato pizza sauce which is chocked full of veg and cheese, sometimes I’ll hide fresh spinach under the cheese, but that’s it.
Lately I’ve been experimenting with sourdough starter and creating a pizza base that will not be doughy or too crisp. This has been working a treat.

230g plain flour
30g olive oil
50g sourdough starter
1 tsp salt
Knead 1min in a thermomixer or till combined if using a food processor or stand mixer. It will look similar to bread crumbs.
Add in 110g of water and knead again for 1 minute or until a dough forms using other machinery. If using other machines, drizzle the water in so it incorporates easily.
Divide into 2 equal balls and roll out thinly.
Heat oven to 180degC and precook the bases til golden. Add the toppings and bake again until the cheese melts.

Top with what ever takes your fancy, we like sliced tomatoes and avocadoes with fresh spinach, kraut and spring onions and mettwurst from our local butcher.
We sit in front of a movie and have takeaway at home.
A perfect night in, delicious and far cheaper than the local pizza place, not to mention I know exactly what’s in it.

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