One month has flown by and AIP hasn’t been too much of a nightmare, I do miss my morning milky decafe and eggs on homemade sourdough toast, but I am managing and seeing results.

If you’ve not read why I’m taking this journey, click here

AIP is an elimination protocol that I’m using to try and pinpont if my joint pain has any relation to food. After spending just over a month, I’m pretty confident to say that I definitely has underlying food issues. I am feeling pretty amazed at how quickly my sleep has improved, I stopped taking Kava tablets when I started on the AIP journey to eliminate that form my system as well, something that you’re not supposed to take long term anyway!

But sleep, glorious sleep! I’m getting at least seven hours straight, which is unheard of in my world! It has certainly made a difference to how my day goes, as I’m sure you would relate to.

I wasn’t too sure about my joint pain, I had started to notice some small reduction with my hip pain, being the most recent symptom, its was probably logical it started to fade first. I still get some pain when I’ve been sitting for a long time and my husband’s car seems to be the worst. I certainly am convinced that its working after my husband and I had a child free night out at a food vendor market, it was amazingly delicious and I was not avoiding everything, we were careful-ish with what I ate with avoiding tomatoes and potatoes, I did have some pasta, rice and beans, not a mountain load and ice cream- that was worth every bite it and its cronut cone were amazing. We also bought a gozleme for breakfast the next morning, so I had a fair bit of flour products.

I felt pretty tired once we got home, but we had done a fair bit of walking and were quite cold from being caught in the rain during our wandering around.
The next morning I was a little stiff and the next day was worse with not getting a lot of sleep and my hips so painful!

Straight back onto the elimination that afternoon and a lot of veggies with broth to help my liver work through the system overload, my body has gotten back on track quite quickly, which is fabulous. For the last few days, I have been sticking to a lot of veggies, with a little meat and some fruit in the form of little cakes and bliss balls.

This week has been a further discovery with trying to pin point afternoon bloating, its not normal to put on three kilo’s in 18 hours! I’ve only been weighing myself as a bit of an experiment, how much I weigh doesn’t worry me, but seeing the changes has been interesting. It seems too much coconut stuff and fructose is the culprit. I have been eating coconut tings at afternoon tea time at work, I don’t really need it and am not particularly hungry either, its just something I have always done, so I think cutting that out may help too.

So, I’m calling this elimination so far a success, feeling more mobile, bloating, although still there, is not as often or severe, I am losing weight, not that its important and I am sleeping, which is HUGE!

I still wouldn’t recommend taking this on unless you really need to and of course, consult a professional to guide you through the process and your medical doctor before undertaking any elimination protocol.

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