Noom, we’ve been bombarded with it being the new solution to weight loss, that doesn’t care about food, its changes the way you look at food. Its EVERYWHERE!! I don’t know if they’re trying to cash in on people’s ISO weight gain (apparently that’s a thing) or it just seems to be everywhere in my world.
I am not generally a curious person, but on Friday afternoon I decided to click on the link on my FB feed and see what I could see. I do need to lose some weight that my fibromylagia medication helped me stack on and am having trouble shifting, so I thought new knowledge couldn’t hurt.
I went through the questionnaire and was just as clueless as I was watching the ads.
I decided I would sign up for the two week trial, it was $26 something but there’s even a marketing trick behind signing up, you have the choice to pay what you can, a nice little ploy for you to think, ‘hey, they care about me, not making money’. I decided I would pay the full amount it costs to run the trial (apparently), it had a nice little tag line of that’s how much it cost them to run it it and the little tick box had ‘most popular choice’ next to it. Who was I to not make sure someone got paid that day.
So I join, enter my details and wait for the pearls of wisdom to drop down. Apparently telling me to weigh in every day, I mean EVERYDAY??? Is motivating and will help you get over the scale scaredness (my own words there 😀 ) and there wasn’t much else to it.
To find out more, of course, the best way to do that is to join a FB group, I found an AuNZ group and was accepted. I had questions, loads of them, so I asked them, but only after I browsed the posts in the group. There’s calorie counting, there’s food colour grouping/choices! WTF??
This is not the way I approach eating or weight loss. If you’ve been along with my Nutritional Medicine journey for a while, you would realise calorie counting and restricting foods is the furtherest thing from how I operate.
As I wait for Day Two, which really is Day One, I will go through what I can find, but so far, Noom is just another calorie counting, restrictive dieting plan without the prescriptive diets and actual food lists.
Until tomorrow.

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