So, I weighed myself this morning and yay, I had put on weight and weighed more than I thought when I did my registration, now that’s motivating (not!).
What Noom fails to do is give you the opportunity to log how your feeling, emotionally or physically.
I was bloated, felt blah and had a terrible stomach ache. Now those would be great to record. There’s little point to a food recording system if you’re not also logging how you’re feeling after you eat and any symptoms or side effects to go along with the food.
I also am required to log my food everyday. Now I have a LOT of intolerance, as my friend says, I’ve become one of those people, a general hard to feed pain, she says it in jest but it is true.
Needless to say, when I log my breakfast, which is a smoothie concoction of my own making, its not going to be accurate with the amount of calories I’ve consumed. If you’ve followed my at the table FB page or are in my recipe sharing page, you’ll know counting calories is NEVER my priority, I actually don’t even know how. I did learn about calories, of course, when I did my Nutritional Medicine qualifications, but apart from alcohol being the biggest and emptiest calorie fest out there, I know very little about actually adding them up for the day.
Noom allows me 1200 calories a day, now that is pretty low and is somehow, the fabled number that people should eat for weight loss. Uh-oh, its just another diet thing disguising themselves as being on your side, letting you eat what you like. Noom is not restricting me with food choices, but it is labelling foods with a colour system. Apparently I need to stick within the green zone, eat a little from the yellow, which will be impossible as it features avocado and I live on avocado! I also need to not eat too much from the red zone, this is where meat lives. Now for a person who can’t tolerate gluten or dairy well, eats very little processed foods, makes almost every morsel, meat is going to be on the list.
So I’ve learnt so far that Noom looks at caloric density, which is a fancy way of encouraging you to eat foods that will fill you up, while actually eating less.
1200 calories of whole food choices is going to fill you up and keep you full longer than meals full of salt, sugar and highly processed carbohydrates.
At the moment, the usual suspects of alcohol and sweets has not been mentioned, I don’t drink anymore, so that’s not really an issue for me, but I do enjoy a square or two of 70% dark chocolate and try to find sweet foods I can eat.
I’m yet to meet my ‘group coach’ and still have very little explanation behind why everyone raves about it changing your psychology towards food.
Still Nooming confused.

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