With the great chocolate fest that we know as Easter as finished they may be a lot of mixed messages you’re getting from everywhere. I saw a major morning news show say it was time to detox.

PFFFFFFFFFFTTTTTTTTTTTTTT! Detoxing is a LOAD of rubbish, we all have livers and kidneys and the only thing you need to do is eat well and drink plenty of water.

Why would you deprive yourself of something you enjoy? Chocolate, feasting, enjoying each other’s company all around delicious food. Sounds like the perfect time to me.
Enjoy your chocolate, your treats, your family and friends and make memories that aren’t hindered by how many calories you’ve consumed or what you’ll need to do at the gym to work it off or deserve it.

Now that Easter is done, I’m sure, like me you’ve got a decent choccie stash still lurking in the fridge, maybe, like me, its hidden away so the kids don’t steal it, maybe you’ve decided to ration it out in some strange justification of deserving it later on. What ever you decide, remember that it really is just a food, sweet, delicious and sometimes easy to over indulge in, but still, just a food.

If you are feeling down on yourself for over indulging

A detox is not the answer, as I mentioned, your body is perfectly designed to do this, you don’t need strange pills or potions to assist. The best thing you can do for your body it to eat plenty of fresh vegetables, some fruit, a little meat and carbohydrates with some good fats and lots of water. Having said that, there’s no need to go to extremes, maybe lay off the booze if you’ve had a big weekend on it, don’t sit there and binge on all the chocolate you’ve got just to get rid of it, just enjoy what you’re eating. Dieting is not the answer, extreme eating plans are not the answer, throwing yourself into full-on exercise is not the answer.

When looking at these so called diet regimes to detox, look critically at what they are asking you to do. Is it several days of clear soup and green juices? Is is telling you to completely eliminate all carbs? or Fruit? or sugar? Should you really be doing intense exercise when you never have before? Short answer; NO!

Get your plate full of fresh vegetables, meat on the side with a glass of water, fruit drizzled with natural yoghurt, porridge sprinkled with nuts and seeds. Real food is the answer, not a pill.

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