Open the app, read the light-hearted ‘fun’ motivation for the day. Weigh myself, again. Log my meals, again. Try to guess how many calories my homemade, real food has, give up and use the closest match on the American food list. Still have calories to play with each day, who knows if I’m logging them properly, but there’s a care factor!
Oh and yay, I’ve lost weight. Bwah-ha-ha.
I’ve done my usual fluctuation, my weight varies all the time, as does everyone’s. It is typical for you to gain and lose kg’s and the scales, regardless of what you’re wearing and the time of day. They of course do play a part in the grand scheme of things.
I am attempting to weight myself at the same time wearing the same thing every morning, I get a little yay for recording my weight each morning, strangely there’s no words of encouragement for the tiny drops in numbers over the past three or four days. You’d think a little motivation would be given each day. So I am bewildered why weighing in each day would be important if nothing is said about it.
I also got another message from the group coach, it must’ve been super memorable as I can’t remember a thing about it!
So far, unlike a “regular” diet, I’m not feeling deprived of anything as I’ve not been told to NOT eat certain things. Like many other diet plans and programs, I am recording food intake and calories, I really am not taking any notice of that, just filling it in to be a good girl.
I don’t really get the motivation or psychology side of anything yet, I am still waiting……

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