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Frequently Asked Questions

 Got questions? Here are some of our more popular answers

What does a Nutritional Medicine practitioner do?

In our 90 minute consultation, I will ask many questions related to your diet, your lifestyle, your illness history, your family history.

Nutritional Medicine is not just focused on what you eat, it’s about the whole you. At The Table Nutrition is centred on you, what you need and how to achieve your health goals, on the meal at a time.

Good nutrition is NOT about weight loss, it’s about gaining health, freedom from the societal pressure of what health is and getting off the “I’m on a diet” round-a-bout.

What's the difference between your services and a dietitian/personal trainer/supplement shop person?

At the table offers a holistic approach to health, not centred on how many calories you consume, if you follow the dietary guidelines and how much of each nutrient your body is getting or how much exercise you are doing.

The holistic approach to health practised by Tracey is all about you, your needs, your tastes, your lifestyle. There is no one size fits all when it comes to food, nutrition and health.

At the table’s approach is all about you, being engaged and mindful without being obsessive, restricted or deprived.

What is Nutritional Medicine?

Is a client centred approach to health. Taking each client as they come, individualizing nutritional needs and goals as needed. Delving beyond “I want to lose weight”, but looking at the whole person, their relationship with food and diets and being healthy. Your weight, body shape and size don’t define you!

How can food heal and harm me?

Its difficult to believe that many “modern” illnesses are linked directly to our modern way of eating. There is more and more research showing these links and showing the harmful effects on our health, our ability to fight disease and conditions that were once rare are far too common.

Some foods may cause behavioural issues in children, flair asthma or eczema symptoms, cause fluid retention, inflammation and discomfort.

There are foods that will also assist in keeping our body running at optimal health, assisting our liver and kidneys to do their job of detoxifying our body (no, you don’t need fancy diets, pills, shakes or other weirdness to do this, you have organs in your body to do it!), foods that can assist in regulating our hunger, relieve pain, create alertness or tiredness.
Food is a marvelous thing, it can hurt but you can heal.

Why see Tracey at the table nutrition?

Approaching health as an individual pursuit is important to be the most you can. With the motto of real food, real you, be yourself, the food philosophy practised is solely centred on you and your needs.

Food is not something to feel guilty about, not to feel deprived when others are having cake, or restricting your happiness due to a few calories.

Tracey focuses on your life, your needs, your food, YOU!

Meet Your Nutritional Consultant

Tracey Peebles

Tracey is a  qualified Clinical Nutritionist with an Advanced Diploma in
Nutritional Medicine, and also a Primary School teacher. She is also a wife and Mum to two little people and a real food advocate. Passionate about local produce, cooking from scratch and providing real food solutions at the table.

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