how I will get you to the table

Do you want to get in the kitchen and create nutritious, homemade meals? Are there foods that affect your families behaviour? Ever had a teacher comment on your child’s behaviour changes throughout the day? Are you tired of the packets building up in your trolley and pantry? Do you want to have lunchboxes with real food and eliminate packet foods? Are you worried about the amount of hidden sugar and salt in everyday foods? Confused and overwhelmed by all the nutritional information out there?

at the table is here for you

To get you at the table, I will:

Provide excellent nutritional advice that is sensible, achievable and realistic. Individually catered for you and your needs. I do not use generic “meal plans” everything is tailored just for you, your requirements, your preferences, your lifestyle. After a 90 minute consultation, I want you to be confident that there is a way forward that you can achieve, without deprivation, starvation or extremism. I’m about “real food, real you, be yourself”.
I practice what is known as a non-diet approach to health, ensuring that you are confident the focus is on health that’s appropriate to you, not what is dictated by societal norms.
It’s all about you, being you; confident, comfortable and content.

I aim to:

  • Teach you to put your own health first by being mindful about what you are putting in and on your body.
  • Work with you and your family to develop positive relationships with food.
  • Give you the tools and know-how to create real, whole food meals that your family will enjoy.
  • Assist you to create nourishing, nutrient rich meals that don’t cost the earth or take hours to prepare.
  • Share with you lunch boxes that come home eaten and enjoyed by every member of the family.
  • Ditch packaged foods and expensive takeaway by creating your own versions.
  • Help you navigate the world of food advertising and supermarket traps to ensure you are taking home what your body needs to thrive, not what an ad claims you need.

and most importantly…..

To be a family at your table.

Let at the table assist you in creating real, wholesome food that will change your family, save you money and positively affect your health.

here for you and your family,