About Tracey, Nutritionist, Teacher, avid wholefoods Mum & Wife.

Tracey is a  qualified Clinical Nutritionist with an Advanced Diploma in
Nutritional Medicine, a Primary School teacher and also studying a Bachelor of Health Science with Charles Sturt University. She is also a wife and Mum to two little people and a real food advocate. Passionate about local produce, cooking from scratch and providing real food solutions at the table.

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Tracey Peebles, wife, mum of 2, clinical nutritionist, teacher, avid home cook, local food lover, passionate about getting families eating real food one meal at a time.

As you can imagine, the days are busy! But I always try to get wholesome, real food meals on the table for every meal.
I make everything I can from scratch. That doesn’t make me a Wonder-woman or anything special, it’s just what I do.

You may wonder what would lead a teacher to pursue a new career in health, particularly nutrition.

Truth is I got frustrated with the behaviours I was seeing from kids of all
ages after eating, they would go from reasonably behaved little humans to
almost out of control little humans. Then my little man started eating
other foods, we’d go to a burger place and his behaviour went from sweet
little man to monster in about 15 minutes!

So I started looking more closely at the foods we commonly ate, bread, yoghurt, cheese, take-away, cereals, EVERYTHING!!
So, I started to make what I could, the first thing I did was buy a yoghurt maker, it lead me to a slow cooker, a thermomix, an air fryer, a juicer. All these things are merely tools to help me on my real food journey.

I now make pretty much everything we eat when I can. We still eat out at the big take-away places, but not as often. It’s a slow process and I still want to live my life, we can’t all be perfect like the Mummy bloggers we see adorning Facebook with perfect bowls of pretty food, claiming it took all of 5 minutes and everyone devoured it.

I am not one of those Mummy bloggers who has done their “googling” research, I am a clinical Nutritionist with over 250 hours of supervised clinical experience, I have actually studied and graduated from a real, certified and accredited course. Anything I post is actually real life, pictures taken on my phone, (dodgily most of the time) but straight from the oven, pot or microwave (yes I own a microwave and use it).

I will not advocate odd diets or strange pills. I’m about real food and real life, educating to make sure that the prediction of this generation of children living a shorter lifespan than their parents doesn’t happen.

Join me at the table,